About Us

Where It All Began…

In 1970, times were tough; grain prices dropped and the Schlabach family was faced with the possible loss of their farm. Started by an Amish mother determined to save the homeplace and provide for her family, Schlabach’s Bakery first began in a farmhouse kitchen.

Armed with a passion, and with the help of her children, Mrs. Schlabach took traditional Amish recipes and began making doughnuts and fresh bread for the local community.

The home-style baked goods were a hit with the locals, and the business quickly grew. People started coming from miles around to buy the delicious goodies and legendary doughnuts.

Traditional, Homestyle Baking

Today, not much has changed. – The country bakery is still making traditional Amish Favorites with simple ingredients and a lot of love! Known for their fresh homemade breads and granola, as well as a wide variety of sweet treats and jellies, Schlabach’s Bakery continues to serve families with homemade goodness in every bite!

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We are proud to have served this community with excellent food for years and are dedicated to helping those in need. Over the years we have held many fundraisers to help various organizations, including schools, churches, youth sports, and clubs, Contact us today for your next fund-raising event!